As an indie author, publisher and creative entrepreneur I wear many hats.

I support Self-Published Authors & Independent Bookstores
I joined DartFrog Books because I believe in their mission to distribute the best self-published books to independent bookstores. I also manage their social media platforms and get to engage with DartFrog partner authors and bookstores. With a growing number of self-published authors looking for shelf-space I'm happy to be part of the solution.

I Write Books
Running into the Night, A Memoir will be published in 2017. I also write fiction and poetry. There are a few other books slated for release but you can check the Books Page to see when they will be available.

I Lead An Indie Author Mastermind, Courses, Workshops & Salons
In 2016, I founded the Brooklyn Writers Project. It began as a small community of dedicated writers who met weekly. Today, the "project" has become several. In 2017, I launched the Indie Author Mastermind and will be launching the podcast, as well as, workshops, events, and courses online and in the Brooklyn area.

I support Creative People from All Walks of Life
In 2013, I launched AVANTHAM, (formerly TLP), a creative inspiration e-zine. AVANTHAM is a platform to showcase the work of writers, poets, artists, photographers and inspiring movement leaders. My goal with the e-zine is to inspire others to embark on the creative journey, while supporting emerging talent.

I Support Youth in Foster Care
As a former foster child I understand the challenges foster children struggle with. In April 2017, I ran a Half-Marathon to raise funds for Fostering Change for Children, an organization that is helping to improve the lives of children in care. And since 2011, I have shared my own story of overcoming childhood adversity with teens and social work grad students.

I Raise a Family
The best and biggest job of all. I am the proud mom of three amazing individuals. My son graduated college and my daughters are only 3 and 5. Some days I begin work at 4:00 AM and others I work until well past midnight. Like most entrepreneurs I struggle with getting just the right work/life balance, but each day it seems to get a bit easier.



Marina Aris is a native New Yorker and author of the forthcoming memoir, Running Into The Night. Marina spent her childhood years in the care of strangers, and two years in the care of her mentally disturbed mother.

Since 2007, she has spoken publicly about the adversity she suffered in childhood, and has presented at Columbia University and the Hunter College School of Social Work. As a former member of Toastmasters International, she won several awards and honors for speaking out about: child abuse, foster care system reform and overcoming adversity.

In addition to writing, speaking and advocating for youth in care, Marina is the founder of the Brooklyn Writers Project, and Avantham, a creative inspiration e-zine. She is also a team member of DartFrog Books, an organization whose mission it is to evaluate, select and distribute the best self-published books to independent bookstores.